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A selection of stories, written and published since 2004
Author: John F. Ednie

"PICALO'S AREA"   (1 of 5)

Picalo's Area brings together many of the characters and locations from the other stories about Edward and Dianna Nease. In this account, it takes many clues to identify who the "bad guys" are because everyone is caught in the unexpected side effects of communications and other devises.
ebook - Picalo's Area

The story dramatically explores the effects of old and modern technologies colliding in such a way as to produce a puzzling mystery in people's thoughts, about towers and the land around them. Can the characters unite their efforts to protect themselves and those they love? A witty string of events wound together in thought provoking style that John Ednie is clever at.

release date: May 2, 2016

Link to kindle: Picalos-Area kindle: Picalos-Area kindle: Picalos-Area

"EDWARD'S ISLAND"   (2 of 5)

Edward's Island is the first story about Edward and Dianna Nease. It's set in a small mid west town in on the edge of the wilderness. The couple must find and develop their spiritual strengths to fight back against technology. ebook - Edwards
                Island - kindle - amazonUnseen evil engineering used to manipulate and influence the unsuspecting patriot.

Edward is the 'lab rat', the target in covert scientific experimentation. Dianna finds herself tested in the bands of marriage to lean on love and trust. The couple's relationship is key to meeting the mystery lurking in the shadows. Edward makes good use of his pilot skills as he discovers new friends who guide him to the truth. 

release date: March 25, 2016

Link to kindle: Edwards Island kindle: Edwards Island kindle: Edwards Island

Samantha, Rick, Edward

"JJ FALLS"   (3 of 5)

In a small town over looking the Grand Canyon, there's a secret that only a few know. A secret that could hurt a lot of good people.
There's nothing like a lost legend and strange events to spark the curiosity.

ebook - JJ Falls - kindle -
                  amazonTwo teens and their friends challenge themselves to go find out just what is down in the canyon. The rest of the townspeople find themselves arguing over earth tremors which may be bona fide warnings of a pending earthquake. The teens don't believe it, and to prove it they plan to trek down into the canyon and find out.

release date: November 2015

Link to kindle: JJ Falls kindle: JJ Falls kindle: JJ Falls

"RED THUNDERBIRD"   (4 of 5)

A sequel to Edward's Island. This one takes the story to an international level. With the looming introduction of total electronic surveillance of everybody, this story tells the two sides: of the victim and the attempted big business take over of the economy.
ebook - Red Thunderbird - kindle -

Funded in secret by "them", the hidden organization that really controls everything. Between the two is the ever active government agency trying to keep everything on a level playing field. The working title of this story was: "The Glass Wall".

release date: December 2015
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"How I Built a Motorized Bicycle"   (5 of 5)

A record of several attempts to design and build a motorbicycle.

ebook: how to build a motorized bicycle,
                  several attemptsFollow the experiences of an average person's challenge to do something beyond their normal capabilities and succeed at it. Putting an engine on a bicycle has been the dream of many people. A bicycle just seems more fun to motorize than buying a motorcycle, for a select few. Here's how to do it, and do it right.

Excerpt: Prototype number two was ingenious but also destined for the scrap heap of ideas. kindle:

"So, those are the stories I've written so far."

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