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Platform Bed Frame with storage below


Planning is often a hindrance
at the start
(it keeps you from seeing new possibilities)
Industrial Design by John
A bed consisting of a mattress supported by a platform, which sometimes contains drawers for storage.
Designer / Innovator: John F. Ednie

This mattress is five feet above the floor.

One day I noticed a lot of space above my double bed. Then I noticed a lot of clutter around the living space. Things I used, were of value, but not used all the time.
I said: "Let's build a platform above the bed to store the clutter. Better yet, why not put the mattress on the platform and put the clutter below?"
That was the plan.
(yes I did sort and trash some of the clutter first)

The plan was all in my head. The basic plan, I had figured out. The total construction, I did not.

I prefer to start a project and then stop for a time and study what I'm doing. I get ideas that way, which I wouldn't get if I tried to layout it all out as a

The covering planks are cut on an angle, equal to the angle set by the triangle.

The planks are secured to the outside support rails only. This allows for flexing of the platform due to the weight of the mattess and the person on the mattress.

Note: This is a free standing structure and is NOT attached to the walls of the room.

The shelves and planks installed on the front of this structure.
They add two functions.
One they hold 'stuff' as a shelf function.
Two, they provide cross lateral support in the frontal area of the raised bed frame.

The horizontal 'head board' is recessed in enough to allow the space below to act like a shelf (where the dvd's are sitting)

The two lower shelves are the floating type. They penetrate through between the shelf backs and are secured on the inside area of frame.

"So, that's the design innovation I made, on that."

the author
I.H.S. by John F. Ednie

There's something wonderful in the smell of fresh cut pine as you're creating something out of wood.

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