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Casing-Stone Skyward

by John F. Ednie

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz-off."
Bees and Humans don't respond well to Strong Frequency Transmissions
"Approximately 25,000 articles have been published over the past 30 years, you have to wonder "Are we lab rats?".
So here's some basic info on the subject.

electric maganetic frequency

Broadcast frequency signals and establishment of EMF telegraph systems, began about 1805 A.D. This was in the electromagnetic "spectrum" of between, approximately, 60 to 300 GHz. The distribution of electricity [2] through overhead wire, hung from poles began shortly before this.

Currently, the RF spectrum is quite crowded, and new technologies are constantly being developed to allow more information to be transmitted on the available frequencies [3], which are
in the range of 103–106 times stronger than the naturally occurring RF [4] background, in cities.

Broadband RF "noise" is created as a by-product of electrical power generation, transmission, and devise usage.

Recent study: (Australia)

Two bee hives were put in the same field. One bee hive had a cell phone in it. After a week and a few days, the bee hive without a cell phone had all the bees still in it. The bee hive with the cell phone only had the queen bee left in it. All other bees left for good.

Known fact: (Canada)

Most cell phones run the antenna up the left side of the phone, full length. It's not uncommon to find your thumb blocking that area of the phone, so when the phone transmits data to the tower, your thumb is actually having the data frequency signal going right through it.
This means your thumb muscles may experience loss of use for short period of time. I've experienced this myself.
Recommend, using speaker mode on cell phone and laying it down on a flat surface near a window to talk for extended periods of time.

Note: the farther you're phone is from a window, indoors, the higher the phone must boost the signal to reach the tower.

[2] a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles, such as electrons or protons
[3] rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material, as in sound waves, or in an electromagnetic field, as in radio waves and light
[4] radio frequency or band of frequencies in the range 104 to 1011 or 1012 Hz, suitable for use in telecommunications

"So, there's some information I researched, on that."

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Measures adopted in other countries to protect vulnerable infants and young children:
  • banning Wi-Fi in nurseries and daycares (France);
  • prohibiting children under the age of 2 from using electronic devices (Taiwan) and
  • prohibiting the sale and marketing of cell phones to children (Belgium).
Source: government information

From information page on Canadian government website:
disguised frequency transmission tower

5 (1) Subject to any regulations made under section 6, the Minister may, taking into account all matters that the Minister considers relevant for ensuring the orderly establishment or modification of radio stations and the orderly development and efficient operation of radiocommunication in Canada:

(l) make determinations as to the existence of harmful interference and issue orders to persons in possession or control of radio apparatus, interference-causing equipment or radio-sensitive equipment that the Minister determines to be responsible for the harmful interference to cease or modify operation of the apparatus or equipment until such time as it can be operated without causing or being affected by harmful interference;

(m) undertake, sponsor, promote or assist in research relating to radiocommunication, including the technical aspects of broadcasting.