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DATA BANKS -  "Papers? Papers? Give Me Your Papers!"

by John F. Ednie

"The Newsmedia often has News of the Chipping Away of Personal Privacy, so here's my thoughts: "
frog in a potCONTROL in the HANDS of a FEW - "Those who control the money supply, control the economy"

The only time in history when the many owed so much to the few, was in the Battle of Britain. There, a few hundred Spitfire pilots had control of the skies over England. They managed to defeat one of the most powerful dictatorships the world had ever seen. But that was in war.

Today, there's a testing going on, to see how far the "masses" (that's us), can have their personal liberty and privacy, encroached upon, before they take notice.

Everyone knows the story of putting a frog in a pot of cold water on a stove. Not a nice story, for the frog, but true none the less. Turn on the burner and the water in the pot gets warmer and warmer. The frog is a little uncomfortable but by the time the water starts to boil, it's too late for the frog.

So, there's a story on the news about how a small department in the French government, without consulting the people, starts to create a data base on every citizen in France.

We all know how safe "safe data bases" are right? Would Yahoo like to comment? Would Hotmail like to comment?

frog in
If you try to put a frog into a pot of hot boiling water it will jump out immediately. Wouldn't you?

So, on the World scene, we have two major events in human history happening:
1. The creation of a French data base, on all it's citizens (degree No. 2016-1460 TES)
2. The sudden manipulation of money in India.

1 and 2 are the water in the pot.

So who's in the water?

John F. Ednie
Nov. 12, 2016


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