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BLOGMATE 2016 A good place to reflect.

by John F. Ednie

Human Being, Living in the Present
A good way to live life to the fullest is to live in the present.

A wiseman once said: "Live one second after the past and one second before the future."

As simple as this sounds, many of us live in the future.
We make appointments and then spend our present time in our 'minds planning area' preparing for that appointment. Something like a driver in a car who is talking on a cell phone. The car equals the present and the cell phone represents the future. While on the cell phone the drive has no experience of that around you.

Living in the past often brings out emotions. They are often ones of amusement, anger, fear, regret, despair, judgement, etc. And several of those can keep you in stress.

Right now, I, writing this, must dip my pen into the past to remember things to write. However, that being said, my best writings are not preplanned. I simply sit down, take pen in hand and without too many preconceived ideas, I put words to the page. My book: "Edward's Island" was written like this.

I once wrestled with five or six things on my mind which would interfere with living in the present. They were all 'what ifs' about things days or weeks away. It's enough to ad burdens to the day at hand.

There's a good book I've read which encourages the reader to only concern themselves with today. It's an old book, yet that insight is the same now, as then.
To get through the present gracefully, requires casting aside worries and noticing what's around you, where you are. I can see the text going on this page. I can hear the wall clock ticking, a pleasant sound.
It would be irresponsible to ignore all future decisions, but we don't. What we do is: cast the care of them to a higher authority, but the decisions remain to be dealt with. The higher authority helps us with that. Woa! Am I saying. . . yes I am. Be prepared to be surprised.

Historical descriptive "a human being".
The word 'being' is a verb. Take a moment to consider that 'human' is not a singular entity.

Our ability to plan can become too powerful, getting in the way of 'being in the present'. However, some appointments are required. Especially those involving another well organized individual.

So, what's the secret to living in the present?
There's a very real help, available to those who search for the truth. There are many alternate organizations available, but they aren't the true one. The truth sets us free and provides real help in the form of solutions to our problems.
Just look around when driving. You're not alone. Those people in those other vehicles are not your enemies. You're all in that situation together.
Those people who are running the right lane and cutting in at the front of line, well, mostly they've 'lost it'. They're panicking. You don't have to.
Remember that first time you got the car and did your first trip by yourself? It was awesome.

Often we don't realize who we are. It's going to take an awesome step on your part, when I say we are not a singular being, but triangular. The essence of who we are, is a spirit, within a flesh and bones container that has a mind to operate with. None of these can live awesomely on it's own.
(Often the spirit is called a conscience or heart)

This is not new information. The most difficult way to live life is to believe that you are your body, only.
So what's the point I'm making?
When you allow your thoughts to be controlling, then your body is disrupted from normal functions and your spirit has to take a back seat to what you do. So you become stressed in body and mind. You get sick. You get angry, depressed. You wind up taking medication or stimulants to "dumb down" to hide the symptoms and ignore your spirit.

I use the word spirit like an authority figure. Yet this part of us is definitely not a 'take over entity' rather is very much like a good friend giving good advise when asked. It is one third of who we are. This entity is also mostly ignored, which is unfortunate for those who don't understand who they are.

So to sum up: 'living in the present'. You have to work at it consciously, at first and keep aware of what you think about. This is made easier by reminding yourself that your body can take care of itself, and your spirit brings peace to your mind, if you allow it.
And, the higher authority is a spirit, so if you allow your spirit to contribute to your being, then you will find comfort in your day.
Peace and joy is the evidence of this.
So it is written.

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