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BLOGMATE 2016 A good place to reflect.

by John F. Ednie

Living in the Present, part three
Discussed in previous page:

God did not make it so hard to find. In fact, He went to great lengths to take it from one society and give it freely to all societies of people. This is recorded in the Bible.

Part Three:

There are basically two ways in which we become involved in hardship. We have it put upon us by other people, either on purpose or unknowingly.
Such as an enterprise operating in the wilderness, who's managers knowingly dump waste material into the water source. They don't know the people who live down stream, so they don't have to care about the hardship they put those people into.

The second way we become involved in hardship is by the perils of living in this world.
There's not much you can do if a mountain erupts lava unexpectedly, or a sunami rolls into shore. What if while you're driving, a sink hole opens up in the road? There are many examples of hardships that just happen and we happen to be in the wrong spot at the right time.

There's a question that many unbelievers ask. "Why would God let something like this happen?"
Over time, with experience, we realize God has given insight and opportunity to someone to sound the alarm before a disaster, but they don't. They know afterwards they should have done something but they didn't. Often they wonder why they didn't.

If we know that God has prepared spiritual guidance for us, then we also know that we are incomplete without it.

That opens up the area for a simple question: "how do I get the benefit of spiritual guidance?"

First, you have to realize, that you, are a spirit being in a fleshly body. Not a fleshly body with a spirit. Big difference. You are created as a spirit being.

This is the point where faith becomes different from religion. The only faith in the world, is Christianity. All other groups are "religions".
Explanation: Christianity is faith based on fact. Other groups are religious groups based upon doing something to buy your eternal life. Christianity is founded on a gift of eternal life, in which you can't earn it, it is given freely to those who ask for it.

Doesn't seem fair, does it? And how do I get spiritual guidance from the right source?

Good questions.

Jesus pointed out, that since God is the creator, then God has the right to choose who will receive favour in life. What is it for us to question God in this regard?

A quick glance through the Bible, and we know surely there are several spiritual influences interacting with our physical world. How do we know which one to listen to?
The answer is in the book. Don't get caught in thinking there are only good influences coming at you spiritually. You can challenge the source.

It has also been pointed out, that God wants us to have abundant life now, in this time.

Look in the Bible at the book of Romans (flint rock poetry).


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