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BLOGMATE 2016 A good place to reflect.

by John F. Ednie

Living in the Present, part two
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You have to work at it a bit and keep on top of what you think about.

Part Two:

Who's in charge?
Why we should give thanks.
It's all waiting for us, in a neat, free, package.
We have to ask for it.
Our way is death. God's way is life, and life more abundantly.

So what's the catch? We are the catch.

Any attempt to adjust the way we live almost always requires an initial "over attention" to the method of change. To adjust one's thinking only requires paying attention to the communication before us and then considering it over the next few days.

Having an awaremess that once we were not, now we are, soon we will be not again, is the spark of most philisophical explorations. These explorations become methods of applying a course of action to events in our lives. They don't become suspect until a very real awareness during our final minutes, before being not again. Then something interesting happens.
The possibility that there is a spiritual afterlife and a meeting with one's creator looms very large in one's thinking. Yet at that instant there is no more time to 'get a handle on that truth'. Our stubbornness suddenly turns from ice to water.

I would be remiss, if I passed off all my thinking and knowledge which I find pouring out of myself at times, as being my own. The source of my writing cannot be explained to nor understood by unbelievers. But I write from experience.

For half the earths population, faith in God, (that there is a God), is a very real philosophy. Yet, that philosophy can go from head knowledge to daily experience like a switch turns on a light.
How do we know we are a created entity? We didn't come from a rock, yet we find we are standing on one. We were formed in our father, who was formed in his father. We were carried in our mother, who was carried in her mother. A year before we were born, we were not. We were created. But what gives life?

No one can tell anyone else about being created. The only thing we can accept is a whisper of direction to go search it out.
What if a person never gets that direction? The good news is: it's very difficult not to hear about the truth during a life time.

So, after we become aware of created life, possibly by witnessing someone elses, we ask the question: "how can I be?"

One of the many benefits, and it's the best one: "we're gifted enough knowing to search for answers."
Confusion only arises when we decide that we will use the religions of the world to make a wall to shield us from having to accept the truth. This works up until that few minutes when we know we will soon be not. Then we can hide no more.

The way the truth was provided, to us, the created, requires faith in that which has been promised, really is.

The only way to share, is to relate spiritual experience, but that doesn't make sense to those of a reasoning mind.

If it's so good, then why did God make it so hard?

God did not make it so hard to find. In fact, He went to great lengths to take it from one society and give it freely to all societies of people. This is recorded in the Bible.

So what should I do to check this out?

Read the first four books of the New Testament of the Bible. (Beware of modern translations)
Even if you do not believe in God, during your reading, ask God in prayer, by yourself, for understanding, it can do you no harm.
It will make your understanding 'illuminated'.

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