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by John F. Ednie

"What you can't see, can harm you. Eh?"
electric maganetic radiation
Electric Magnetic Radiation

frog in a pot"Radiation: the emission of energy as electro-magnetic waves"

"Where does Electric Magnetic Radiation come from?

Surprisingly, from anything man made which uses electricity as a power source. Your electric oven in your stove will radiate 98 milligauss on top where the heating elements are. That's the area directly on the top of the stove while the oven elements are heating the oven. A typical EMR metering devise shows anything above 3 milligauss to be in the "Red zone".

Some range hoods over your stove will go as high as 100+ milliguass directly under it, due to the fan motor.

I tested my own refrigerator and found a reading of 5.8 milligauss one foot away from the side of the refrigerator. This magnetic radiation is suppose to only be coming out the rear of such units. A measurement taken inside another refrigerator showed the food receiving 19 milligauss EMR on a continual basis. My computer monitor shows a reading of 30-45 milligauss right at the monitor, but this drops off to about 1.5 milligauss at 24 inches away from it (25 cm.)

So to sum up, anything powered by electricity gives off electric magnetic radiation. Electric motors give off much more than heating elements. The unofficial word in some government circles of study (and they are few) is that 3 milligauss is the total safe amount you should tolerate at one time during a day.

"Is it true our automobiles generate this type of magnetic radiation?"

Yes, it's true. A recent study of two different modern makes of automobiles had readings of about 15 to 20 milligauss of magnetic radiation. The reading in the rear seating area of these cars was only 1.7 milligauss.
The highest areas of electromagnetic radiation are around the driver's lower legs. This area often reaches 34 milligauss as long as the lights and dash board are operating. This is of particular concern for cab drivers and delivery persons.

Another area of concern would be pregnant mothers continually in contact with kitchen appliances. These would be the refrigerator, the stove, the range hood and the toaster.
Take note that the fetus is down at counter height to the stove. There are no studies available as to the effects of magnetic radiation on unborn fetus.

Compared to the older yellow light bulbs now unavailable for purchase, the newer energy saving curly/spiral tube type of bulb meant to replace the older style bulbs, show readings of magnetic radiation coming off them at about 3.8 milligauss at three inches away. The older style show 1.8 milligauss at three inches away from the bulb.

A surprise reading came from a 300W Inverter. This is often used to convert 12 volt storage battery power into 110 volt power for RV's and solar panel uses. A reading of 20 milliguass at the unit and a reading of 2.5 milliguass at 12 in. away from the unit.

Warning! Keep away from the "Smart Meter" outside area of your home. This area generates over 100 milligauss of EMR on a continual basis AND sends out frequent EMF signals at very high levels. Keep back away from that area by at least three meters. Also don't put beds or chairs near the inside wall near that area of your home.

It's important to note that since there are no conclusive studies going on at present, there is no official data available to guide people using electrical devises and how many used at the same time in the same area would affect a persons health. However, that said, it would be prudent at this time in history to try and limit the total exposure to this type of "electro magnetic radiation" when ever possible to less than 3 milligauss. This would be accomplished by not operating too many devises in the same area around where you are located for extended periods of time.

Example: in the workplace, you may have a transistor radio, a power supply box to deliver consistent voltage, a computer monitor, computer cpu and a spiral bulb lamp within three feet of you. If you add up all the amounts of EMr from those devises you could be in a load zone of over 10 milligauss for your work day.

Note: battery powered devises have an EMR reading of
only 1.2 milligauss or less.

Also see: Tunnel Shielding

John F. Ednie
Dec. 17, 2016

"So, those are the observations I have, on that."

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monitor test for EMR
This is a meter reading about 8 cm. from my computer monitor. As you can see it's pretty high, so you want to keep yourself at least 40 cm. back from it.

It is not enough to use only shielding materials which reflect the radiation away, shielding materials must also absorb EMR (electro magnetic radiation) at the same time.

Depending on their real world use, such materials must have properties which absorb emr more than their reflection capability.

Multi-layer polymeric-textile materials should be experimented with based on their ability to also be formable to what ever object requires the protection.

There are no current experiments to achieve these goals known to exist in the civilian commercial labs at this date.

Some known milligauss measurements:
3 in. away and 24 in. away
Toaster: 23 and 1.5
Oven: 75.5 and 2.5  (on off cycle)
Refrigerator: 15.5, 3.5
Range Hood: 100+, 69
Wifi: 100+, during data transfer