Casingstone Skyward
Casing-Stone Skyward

by John F. Ednie

"I rejoiced greatly that I found your children walking in truth." - (historical)
Not Really Disconnected
"Turning off your cell phone, iphone or television doesn't really mean you are disconnected."

I thought about the above, after coming across a video of over a hundred people in a park on a sunny afternoon. The odd thing about the video was: nobody was disconnected from their wifi devise. All had their head down intently absorbed in a small viewing screen in their hand. All could have been standing in a concrete spillway and it really wouldn't have mattered. The warm sunny afternoon in the park was not experienced, shared or enjoyed.

"If your habits fit the algorithm then you will be 'flagged'." (A modern statement of an old thought: "big brother is watching".)

There was a time when we gave our attention only to television. Before, and still now, we listen to radio as we go down the street. Like any external communication devise, they can be turned off. They should be turned off, from time to time. Your own thoughts are valuable.

Anyway, the only way to disconnect some devises is to remove the battery.
This has two advantages: it cuts off the frequency transmitter and if a cell phone, then your message center takes over. It also causes the battery to last much longer, so you don't have to leave it on a charge cord so many times.

One of the things I did during such a time was to build a utility trailer. The one you see at right, was created using a snowmobile flatbed trailer, the metal from a storage cabinet, one partial sheet of plywood, lots of bolts and some shelf brackets.

By turning off all the electronic devises*, I was able to create something innovative.
I repaired a broken trailer with some new ideas.
I used this trailer (I designed and fabricated in my driveway), to move furniture over a 110 kilometre distance. Made multiple trips.
Finally, cell phones are not 100% bad. Nor are they 100% good.
Remember when you were a kid, and you found the two liters of ice cream in the 'frig'? What happened when you ate half of it? Don't over indulge.

Remember when a phone sat on a small table and you talked on it for a few hours each week?
Think about that.
Remember when information wasn't being collected about your dialing habits? Think about that.

The reality of 'being watched' is not a new one. In the 1960's, three older teenagers were observed driving their sports car over a rubber air hose on the roadway. They stopped the car before the rear tires reached the hose. The hose was part of a mechanical counter, a box, chained to a pole on the side of the road. Basically it counted vehicle tires to collect information on how many vehicles passed that point in the road over a given amount of time. The teens got out of the car and lifted up the rear end, bodily moving the car over the hose so that the rear tires didn't contact the hose.
They thought it would be amusing when the person who looked at the results of the counter, saw that only half a car had gone over the hose.

*limiting distraction

"So, those are the observations I have, on that."

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I.H.S. by John F. Ednie

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image of
                homebuilt box trailer
Yes, the graphics painted over the finished trailer are special. Any such vehicle is a good canvas to express yourself. With some newspaper, masking tape and a few cans of spray paint, wonderful things can be achieved.
The tailgate slides up and out. There is also a sheet of plywood which slides under the trailer for storage. It is used as a ramp.

(plans available)

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