Casingstone Skyward
Casing-Stone Skyward

by: John F. Ednie

"Everyone else is writing about the pyramids, so. . ."
white pyramid of giza

"Build a bigger one than our neighbour has."

After the seventh great wonder of the world was noticed by the world cultures, they did something which happens even today.

Today, each country or major city tries to out-do it's neighbour by putting up a bigger and better skyscraper.

In the distant past, the world cultures heard about the Great Pyramid of Giza. They began to also try and build bigger and better pyramids than their neighbours had.

How each culture in the world heard of the Great White Pyramid of the Nile, is not known. I can speculate and offer this possible explanation: Traders.

Traders were known groups of people who would take goods from their own area of the world and travel to another culture to trade for goods which were not available to them otherwise. They would also have taken news and stories to the other cultures.

News of what great structures were part of another culture would surely have been told to other traders of other cultures.

The results of hearing about another culture which possessed a large beautiful structure, would have resulted in a determination to do the same to be as good as, or better than the culture they heard about.

This last century, the Empire State Building resulted in the Sears Tower. That resulted in the building of the CN Tower. Which resulted in the building of other tall skyscrapers around the world.

The French culture was quick to ban such boasting, and you will not see such a thing in Paris.

Back to the past: The existence of the Great White Pyramid resulted in the building of other pyramids in the Nile region. However, rather than get better at the task, each successive pyramid was inferior to the last. Very unusual for a technology to get worse rather than be improved upon. As in this example of building methods of one supplier or contractor, showing poor quality control. Here's a building less than 50 years old. It had to be torn down and completely rebuilt. circa: 2014 Toronto.
deteriorated brickwork
There are brick walls still standing in Italy which are 2,120 years old.

It has been noticed by many observers and it's not difficult to see, the Great Pyramid was the first, and all others are copies of that structure. It it said it was like a light house in the night as it shone brightly even in moonlight.

The second large pyramid, standing beside the Great Pyramid of Giza, was the best copy created. Although it's interior passageway is not nearly as creative as the original pyramid.

stipped bare
The next pyramids got successively worse in design and building expertise as the knowledge died with the original building crews.

But around the world, the magnificence of the Great White Pyramid drew attention. That attention resulted in a desire to match that for their culture or try and do a bigger one. The evidence is found around the world.

But the Great Pyramid of Giza, is the best, and the most perfect. It carries all the measurements of our times.
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"So, those are the observations I have, on that."

the author
I.H.S. by John F. Ednie

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