Casingstone Skyward
Casing-Stone Skyward

by John F. Ednie

"An observation on traffic congestion"

"There's a great divide between Etobicoke north and North York. It causes severe traffic congestion on several major highways in the area.

401 highway at
                    Weston Road traffic congestion

Problem: the lack of throughways in a North Easterly direction has resulted in major traffic congestion on the major highways in the area.

The red arrows indicate the deficient directions of travel in road arteries.

Solution: this great divide might be overcome by using existing hydro right-of-ways to create an alternate road from Martin Grove and 401 to Finch and 400.

John F. Ednie
Nov. 3, 2016

Design a Roadway
with the Least Amount of Local Impact

An Enclosed Elevated Roadway

The location:
                hydro right o way

The elevated roadway, prototype A16 - Section 24C
                hydro right o way

An elevated roadway, enclosed in a tunnel. (image showing one prefab section in place)

This has the least amount of impact on the local area surrounding it.

The two lanes of traffic inside the elevated tunnel could be opposing lanes or they could be one way lanes.

One way lanes could be reversed during most need. This might be in a north east direction during morning rush hour and in a south west direction during afternoon rush hour.

Dual directional lanes are currently used in Hamilton, Ontario on existing open roadways with much success.


Access points to the elevated tunnel will be maintained at cross points over existing road ways, such as at Albion road and Weston road. High pressure water systems would line the top most area of the tunnel. They would be triggered automatically, say in the case of a crash and fire, or they would have manual valves accessible to motorists should the need arise.

There are several inside drainage systems to hold water before it is dumped into the land based storm sewers. Control of this is important.

Noise Control

Because of the very nature of an enclosed tunnel roadway, the noise pollution to surrounding areas would be negligable.

John F. Ednie
Nov. 6, 2016

"So, those are the observations I have, on that."

the author
I.H.S. by John F. Ednie

This is an intersection traffic light control system designed to regulate traffic flow through an intersection, rather than at an intersection.

distant traffic light control at
click on image to view larger size.

401 highway at night near
                Carlingview ramp

Portion of the 401 highway near Carlingview ramp, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Electro Magnetic

Electro Magnetic Radiation


An elevated tunnel has another benefit for routing road traffic along a hydro right of way.

The entire interior of the tunnel is ideal for the installation of E.M.R. shielding material. This will reduce the 72 to 93 milligauss which would be radiated into the tunnel from the hydro transmission lines to less than 3 milligauss. (the safe long term exposure recommendation)